An update from Adept

June 28, 2024 — Adept Team

Announcing some updates to our strategy and the company.

Our mission at Adept since we started two-and-a-half years ago has been to build useful general intelligence that enables people and computers to work together. Our plan has been to train progressively larger and smarter multimodal foundation models, fine-tune them into Agents, and then build products around them that help people do their day-to-day work better.

We have always believed that the complexity of software in the workplace is the best training ground for our models. To that end, we’ve been developing a general-purpose tool for enterprises that enables their employees to spend more time on strategic thinking and creative endeavors and less time on tedious computer tasks by delegating those to our Agent. We’ve made significant progress, with both state-of-the-art performance with our models and happy beta customers. We’ve deployed the Adept product in mission-critical production environments and achieved automating end-to-end workflows that have up to dozens of steps. From our conversations with existing beta customers and prospects, it’s clear that there is tremendous potential and intense interest in the technology we’re building.

Continuing with Adept’s initial plan of building both useful general intelligence and an enterprise agent product would’ve required spending significant attention on fundraising for our foundation models, rather than bringing to life our agent vision. Therefore, to focus on maintaining the strong momentum and potential of our agent tech stack, we are announcing some updates to our strategy and the company.

Adept will now focus entirely on solutions that enable agentic AI, which will continue to be powered by a combination of our existing state-of-the-art in-house models, agentic data, web interaction software, and custom infrastructure. We look forward to continuing towards this vision and working with partners to bring agentic capabilities to their products and tools.

In addition, the Adept co-founders and some of the team are joining Amazon’s AGI organization to continue to pursue the mission of building useful general intelligence. Amazon is also licensing Adept’s agent technology, family of state-of-the-art multimodal models, and a few datasets.

Zach Brock, Head of Engineering, will be taking over as Adept’s CEO. Zach has over 15 years of experience building software products and leading teams at companies both large and small. He’s been a successful entrepreneur and CEO before, as well as a leader in SMB and Enterprise software organizations. Tim Weingarten remains our Head of Product. Tim has been a successful startup CEO in his own right and is the best possible leader to continue to guide the product direction of Adept.

The new Adept leadership team is excited to execute on our product-focused vision and to solve real work problems for customers ranging from small businesses to massive multinational Corporations.

Please let us know if your organization is interested in bringing state-of-the-art agentic capabilities, data, and models to your offerings.