Fuyu-Heavy: our new multimodal model

A new way to use computers

We’re building a machine learning model that can interact with everything on your computer.

Our vision

An AI teammate for everyone. Adept is building an entirely new way to get things done. It takes your goals, in plain language, and turns them into actions on the software you use every day.

Introducing our model



Convert Andy Isaac into a new sales opportunity

Google Sheets

Create profit and loss columns for the last quarter


Add Emma Jacobs from Acme Co as a new contact

Google Sheets

Update revenue sum in 2022 column


Find me a property in Houston under $600,000


Set a reminder to email Sho Ito in the morning


Find me a refrigerator for under $1,000

Google Sheets

Add a new column showing average spend

Designed and trained specifically for taking actions on computers in response to your natural language commands. ACT-1 is our first step towards a foundation model that can use every software tool, API and website that exists.

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Collaborate and create

Your hands on the wheel. We believe that AI systems should be built with users at the center — where machines work together with people in the driver's seat: discovering new solutions, enabling more informed decisions, and giving us more time for the work we love.

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