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Agentic AI for your tech stack

Adept’s advancements in agent development accelerate your roadmap with proven results.

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Building useful, reliable agents requires a full-stack approach

Proprietary agent training data

Proprietary agent training data

Trillions of tokens specific to web UIs and real software usage.

Suite of multimodal models

Suite of multimodal models

Exceptional at key agentic behaviors that matter to enterprises: localization, web understanding, and planning.

Custom actuation software

Custom actuation software

Powered by a proprietary DSL and actuation layer that enables actions across websites and software applications.

Feedback & data collection tools

Feedback & data collection tools

A suite of custom tools for intuitive and easy ongoing model improvement.

Adept’s agent capabilities

Translate user intents directly into actions



  • Adept Locate



Accurately locate items on a webpage or application, like buttons, links, text fields, and more.



  • Adept Web VQA



Reason and answer questions about websites, documents, PDFs, charts, graphs, and tables.

End-to-end workflows


  • Adept Planning


  • GPT-4


End-to-end workflows

Successfully plan and execute complex enterprise end-to-end workflows.

Examples of what we can do

Adept in action


Check shipping availability across hundreds of sites at once to have accurate delivery plans put together instantly.

Financial Services

Extract key info from PDFs/contracts, accurately update internal systems, and send an email when the work is done.


Process license applications that adhere to business logic, keeping a human in the loop to submit the final application.

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What makes Adept different

Our strengths

  • Accurate & reliable

    Using our proprietary model, we provide more accurate and reliable workflows than competitors.

  • Future-proof

    Our workflows are resilient to changes in your environment, and require no maintenance or upkeep.

  • Get up and running quickly

    We use natural language instructions to set up new workflows in minutes, not months.

  • Enterprise wide

    Unlock value across your organization—empowering every department, from HR to Operations.

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An organization built on trust

Trust and security

Adept is committed to building trust in our organization by protecting our customer data, models, and products.

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